The Partnership of Wemade’s Wemix and Mythos


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The collaboration between Wemade’s Wemix and Mythos is a bold move, a brilliant solution to the problem of the East-West split in the video game industry. This partnership allows Wemade, known for its unique Asian-influenced games, to complement the narrative qualities of Mythos, known for its focus on the West. It’s a virtual world extravaganza, a coming together of gamers from all over the globe who share the same aesthetic and set of skills.

The Partnership of Wemade’s Wemix and Mythos Wemade’s Wemix and Mythos, two giants in the video game business, have joined forces, bringing in a new era of possibilities for gamers everywhere. With a deal of these two titans, the gaming industry will enter new domains of immersive experiences, technical innovation, and fascinating narratives.

The partnership has created excitement among gamers and set the ground for breathtaking new experiences in the digital realm. Combining Wemade’s novel mechanic skill with Mythos’ story creation prowess fosters a flourishing environment. They want to create games that are more than simply fun for everyone involved; they want to symbolize the strength of group imagination.

Given Wemade’s expertise in MMORPGs and Mythos’ proficiency in developing powerful narratives, players may anticipate a new range of experiences, a buffet of interesting realms to explore. Wemade’s vast realms are a great fit for the Mythos stories, providing the next level that fascinates players for hours.

Together, Wemade’s Wemix and Mythos create an exciting new chapter in the history of video games via their commitment to immersive world-building and epic storytelling, respectively. It’s a historic partnership that will place players at the center of their world, promoting cultural understanding and fostering technological advancement.

Expected Benefits for the Gaming Industry

Cross-Cultural Integration: 

This partnership would facilitate the blending of distinct gaming cultures, creating a more diverse, inclusive, and global gaming experience.

Innovation in Game Development

By combining Wemade’s technological expertise with Mythos’ storytelling skills, we can expect a surge in innovative game design that pushes the boundaries of what’s currently possible.

Higher Quality Gaming Experiences

As two industry titans merge their strengths, the quality of gaming experiences is bound to rise, leading to more immersive, engaging, and fulfilling games for users.

Increased Market Opportunities

The partnership is expected to generate new market opportunities as the combined entity can appeal to a broader range of gamers across the globe.

Fostering Global Gaming  Communities

The merger can help create global gaming communities by leveraging both companies’ international presence and influence.

More Varied Gaming Options

With the synergy of Wemade’s MMORPG specialization and Mythos’ strength in narrative-driven games, gamers can anticipate various gaming genres and styles.

Cultural Appreciation and Exchange

This partnership can stimulate greater cultural exchange and understanding among gamers, creating games that reflect diverse cultural perspectives and experiences.

Economic Growth

The combined power of these two companies can potentially stimulate economic growth in the gaming industry, leading to job creation and increased investment.

Competitive Benchmark

The merger sets a new precedent for industry collaboration, potentially encouraging other companies to explore strategic partnerships to drive growth and innovation.

Greater Industry Influence

The partnership could strengthen the gaming industry’s influence in the broader entertainment sector, recognizing gaming as a powerful cultural and artistic medium.

Growth of  Web3 Gaming

Wemade, a prominent South Korean blockchain games developer, has announced that its WEMIX foundation has joined the Mythos Foundation as a Subcommittee member.

The Mythos Foundation, Mythos, and Mythos DAO were founded to improve and standardize Web3 gaming; its first backer was Mythical Games, a firm headquartered in the United States. There are presently over 20 governing partners in the Mythos Foundation, all of whom are Web3 and gaming firms like WEMIX.

There are three different committees in the Mythos ecosystem: one for game design and publishing, one for Web3 and metaverse infrastructure, and one for esports and guilds. WEMIX will participate in the games subcommittee to aid in the development and promotion of the Mythos chain.

Last year, Wemade and the Mythos Foundation entered into a collaboration agreement. With WEMIX’s addition, the committee’s efforts to work together to boost each other’s ecosystems will pick up speed.

Improving Effective Partnership

The importance of teamwork in the blockchain gaming business is shown by WEMIX’s membership in the Mythos Foundation. These pioneers in the game business are driving the development and standardization of Web3 by pooling their talents, knowledge, and resources.

About the Companies:

South Korea’s Preeminent Blockchain Gaming Giant Wemade creatively works with blockchain and other centralized technologies. Since they’ve built DApps with DeFi, they can provide unparalleled safety, transparency, and financial possibilities in gaming. NFTs enable players to control their in-game assets and trade them in a decentralized marketplace.

These innovative blockchain applications demonstrate Wemade’s commitment to immersive, participatory, and fair gaming.

On the other hand, Mythos is actively working on using the multichain idea and multi-token economy in their game environment without sacrificing the quality of their narrative. The multichain approach improves scalability, interoperability, and game diversity by seamlessly integrating several blockchains. 

As an example of their storytelling prowess, their flagship game, “Odessey of Heroes,” has received widespread recognition. However, the multi-token economy allows intricate in-game interactions with tokens reflecting varying values or utility.  Thus, Mythos is making games with compelling tales and healthy economies.


The relationship has been essential in accelerating the development and collab of Web3 gaming within the Mythos ecosystem. This partnership is more than simply a conglomeration of gaming firms; it will usher in a new age of gaming by promoting an innovative, international outlook on interactive entertainment. 

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77% of retail CFD accounts lose money. Cryptoassets are a highly volatile
unregulated investment product without EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

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77% of retail CFD accounts lose money. Cryptoassets are a highly volatile
unregulated investment product without EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

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