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Are you ready to take your Minecraft game to an extraordinary level? Prepare to embark on an exhilarating adventure in the world of digital treasure hunting! Thanks to a game-changing innovation from the tech startup Zebedee, a special Minecraft server known as Satlantis is set to revolutionize your gameplay.

Imagine diving into your favorite computer game and emerging with actual Bitcoin! Yes, you heard right. Your ingenuity in Minecraft can now reward you with real cryptocurrency.

Zebedee has breathed new life into the game by integrating the thrill of crypto mining within the beloved Minecraft universe. Every structure you build, every creeper you battle, could now pave the way to digital riches in Bitcoin!

Feeling the buzz of excitement? All it takes is an iPhone or Android device with the ZBD wallet app, and you’re ready to start collecting your Bitcoin earnings. So why wait? Merge your passion for gaming with the thrill of crypto mining and join the Satlantis server today! Dive deep into the digital realm and start turning your Minecraft adventures into Bitcoin bounty!

Want to Earn Bitcoin While Playing Minecraft?

Now, envision infusing this creative experience with a real-world reward system, earning Bitcoin. This thrilling addition opens up a new layer of benefits for players, adding to the joy of gaming. It’s a unique opportunity to gain an understanding of digital currencies while enhancing your gaming experience. 

This cluster of creativity and earning potential makes Minecraft even more enticing! This unique feature comes from the combined efforts of a startup named Zebedee and a Minecraft server called Satlantis. It’s available for the computer version of Minecraft, specifically the Java edition. Here’s how it works:

  • First, you need to join the game on the Satlantis server and set up an account. Satlantis adds a Bitcoin twist to the regular Minecraft world.
  • You’ll feel like you’re mining Bitcoin in real life! As you play and gather virtual goodies and resources, these get converted into Bitcoin rewards.
  • The cool tech behind this is the Lightning Network. Zebedee is a platform designed specifically to add Bitcoin microtransactions to MMOGs and MMOs. Zebedee uses Lightning Network.
  • That means you can get your Bitcoin rewards quickly and securely as you play.

Here is the link to the detailed gameplay, Watch this and start earning Bitcoin: 


Fun Facts About Earning Bitcoin By Playing Minecraft Via Zebedee

Zebedee is teaming up with a Minecraft server called Satlantis to offer an amazing new feature. At the current market price of $30,325.70 per Bitcoin, one-hundredth of a Bitcoin is worth $303.26.

With the current conversion rate, gamers who earn more than a million Satoshis every week (over 0.01 Bitcoin) would take home more than $303.26.. But what is a Satoshi, you might wonder? Well, it’s the smallest unit of Bitcoin, named after the person who created Bitcoin.


  • You can use the Bitcoin you’ve earned in the game to buy land, tools, and other stuff you need to build your virtual world. Even more exciting, you can use it to get gift cards for stores like Amazon!
  • Send it to Zebedee’s app if you want to use your Bitcoin outside the game. From there, you can use your Bitcoin in other games in Zebedee’s network or trade it on special websites called exchanges, like OKCoin and Bitfinex.
  • The Zebedee app also lets you change your earned Bitcoin into different types of money, but they haven’t told us which ones yet.
  • Remember, Zebedee and Satlantis are not connected with Mojang Studios, the company that made Minecraft.

The Power of Bitcoin in Minecraft


Having fun in Minecraft and earning real Bitcoin at the same time! This thrilling feature boosts the game, giving you both in-game achievements and real-world rewards.

This Bitcoin option makes Minecraft even more rewarding and educates players about digital currencies. It also may draw more people to the game, particularly those curious about earning Bitcoin.

So, it’s a win for everyone. Players enjoy Minecraft and earn Bitcoin, while Minecraft potentially gains popularity and a larger, diverse player base. It’s a fantastic blend of virtual fun and real-world learning and earning. The new feature is an integration between Minecraft and a startup called Zebedee.

It allows players to earn Bitcoin rewards while playing on the Satlantis server in the Java edition of Minecraft. Players can withdraw these Bitcoin rewards to the ZBD wallet app on their smartphones. Satlantis is a special server in the game Minecraft, which has teamed up with Zebedee. Players can earn Bitcoin rewards on this server as they play the game. 

ThZebedee uses this technology to quickly and securely give Bitcoin rewards to players as they play Minecraft on the Satlantis server. Yes, you can! The Bitcoin you earn can be used to purchase in-game resources.

You can also withdraw it to the ZBD wallet app. From there, you can use your Bitcoin in other games in Zebedee’s network, trade it on certain websites, or even get gift cards for stores like Amazon and Walmart.

About Minecraft


Minecraft is an incredible video game that allows you to construct and discover your unique virtual worlds. This is a world where your creativity has no bounds – from building sky-high castles to crafting hidden underground cities using blocks.

Blockchain technology has been used in Minecraft servers and add-ons. BitQuest is a Minecraft server. Users might locate Bitcoins and spend them in-game. 

Players might also use Web 3.0 functionalities in NFT Worlds. However, this has been cancelled, and a separate game has been built.  NFT Worlds was highly condemned and banned by Minecraft owner Microsoft in July 2022.

The game’s wealth gap and NFT/cryptocurrency scandals led to the suspension. Satlantis developers believe that Microsoft can utilize the EULA to take action against undesired programs in an emergency. 

Larger servers also violate restrictions. This shows the difficulties of incorporating blockchain and cryptocurrency into conventional video games. However, this indicates player interest in Minecraft and blockchain technology, which led to Bitcoin awards.


In conclusion, the world of Minecraft has become even more exciting with the addition of Bitcoin rewards. The partnership between Zebedee and the Satlantis server opens up a new realm where players can have fun building and exploring while earning real-world Bitcoin.

This integration enhances the gaming experience and provides an interesting way to learn about digital currencies and their growing significance in our modern world. It truly is a remarkable blend of virtual creativity and real-world earning potential, making Minecraft an even more captivating game for players around the globe.


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77% of retail CFD accounts lose money. Cryptoassets are a highly volatile
unregulated investment product without EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

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77% of retail CFD accounts lose money. Cryptoassets are a highly volatile
unregulated investment product without EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

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