Ateam Entertainment announces “Crypt Busters”: a new blockchain game for the global market with fungible tokens issued by BOBG! Fight with NFT mercenaries on the battlefield for survival and prosperity!


Ateam Entertainment Inc. (Headquarters: Nagoya, Japan; President: Yukimasa Nakauchi), a subsidiary of Ateam Inc. (registered office: Nagoya, Japan; President: Takao Hayashi; security identification number: 3662) and BOBG PTE. LTD (Headquarters: Singapore; CEO: Kengo Masuyama; hereinafter “BOBG”) have opened the official website and Twitter account and published part of the whitepaper of the upcoming blockchain game “Crypt Busters”, targeting the global market and introducing unique FTs (Fungible Tokens) as utility tokens.

■About this project

The Fungible Tokens (FTs), which are the utility tokens of the game, are provided by BOBG PTE. LTD. issued. For the development of the game and the release of the NFTs, Ateam Entertainment Inc. responsible.

[Bisherige Leistungen von Ateam Entertainment]

Ateam Entertainment Inc. is a subsidiary of Ateam Inc, a Tokyo Stock Exchange (Prime Market) listed company with many years of experience in game development and worldwide distribution. We have developed games in a variety of genres, including an extensive battle royale action game, and supported 13 languages in 154 countries worldwide.

[Bisherige Leistungen von BOBG]

BOBG PTE. LTD. is based in Singapore and has extensive knowledge in token issuance and its global standards.

■About Crypt Busters

[Fight, survive, thrive: exciting blockchain action in a post-apocalyptic world].

“Crypt Busters” is a survival action game with roguelike elements, where players go into battle alongside NFT mercenaries and NFT combat vehicles in a post-apocalyptic world. A zombifying virus has nearly wiped out humanity, so life itself has become a fight for survival against the infected.

[Durch Spielen den Utility Token „BQT“ erhalten]

Defeated enemies drop “cores” that can be exchanged for the Blood Quartz Utility Token (BQT). BQTs can be used to buy or improve NFT mercenaries.

[Feinde niedermähen und Kerne sammeln]

The satisfaction of mowing down hordes of enemies is complemented by collecting cores to create a complete gaming experience.

[Auto-Modus oder Survival-Modus wählen]

“Crypt Busters,” which will be playable on both PC and Android devices, features an auto mode in which up to 12 mercenaries and a combat vehicle automatically take down the infected. Alternatively, in Survival mode, players can take on the role of a single mercenary to manually take out enemies and more efficiently collect nuclear weapons – provided they have the necessary survival skills.

The first whitepaper and a promotional video were published today on the official website of the game. The official Twitter account, where updates on the whitepaper and the latest information on campaigns and sales will be posted, is also available now.

Official website:

Official Twitter account:

Official trailer:

Crypt Busters Ateam Entertainment Blockchain Game by BOBG with NFT.

Game title: Crypt Busters
Publication date: Within 2023 (preliminary)
Supported chain: Polygon (preliminary)
Supported PC browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Microsoft Edge (preliminary)
Supported smartphone OS: Android 5.1 or higher (preliminary; initial verification required in PC browser)
Supported language: English (preliminary)
Game development: Ateam Entertainment Inc.
Token issue: BOBG PTE. LTD.


Provides comprehensive support for issuing, operating, and managing tokens for many blockchain projects, including games.


■About Ateam Entertainment Inc.

Under the motto “Connecting People”, we design, develop and operate services in a variety of game genres and practical tool applications. Ateam Entertainment Inc. is a subsidiary of Ateam Inc. (listed on the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange).


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77% of retail CFD accounts lose money. Cryptoassets are a highly volatile
unregulated investment product without EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

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77% of retail CFD accounts lose money. Cryptoassets are a highly volatile
unregulated investment product without EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

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