Call of Duty Pioneers an NFT Gaming Revolution: Chainlink-Powered Platform Propels Players into a Brave New World of True Digital Ownership


Odedele Emmanuel Oluwapelumi
Odedele Emmanuel Oluwapelumi
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In a big move, Call of Duty recently announced the launch of a new NFT gaming platform. The platform uses blockchain services from Chainlink . The news surprised many, but it is an important step as the gaming industry accepts NFTs.

The company behind Call of Duty, called Activision, also shared details about their future plans. They are working on a mobile version of their popular free battle royale game Call of Duty: Warzone. Players will be able to play Warzone on their phones and tablets.

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are unique digital items stored on a blockchain. They can represent anything from game items to art. Each NFT has a code that makes it different from other NFTs. By using blockchain technology, NFTs give players full control over their digital items. Players can buy, sell or trade NFTs as they want.

Chainlink runs a popular blockchain service. Blockchains are digital ledgers that keep track of transactions. Chainlink’s blockchain provides secure and dependable information to smart contracts. Smart contracts are digital agreements that automatically enforce themselves. Call of Duty is using Chainlink’s blockchain to get data for their new NFT platform.

The platform needs information like the current prices of NFTs. Chainlink is a perfect choice for Call of Duty because it is safe, reliable, and can handle lots of users. Chainlink is also the most widely used blockchain oracle network. This means many companies have used it successfully.

Call of Duty choosing Chainlink is a big sign that Chainlink’s service is trusted and capable. It also shows that blockchain oracles like Chainlink are becoming more important for gaming companies. Blockchain oracles provide real-world data to blockchains and smart contracts. Call of Duty using Chainlink is a major endorsement for Chainlink. It proves how useful Chainlink’s blockchain network is. And it points to the growing use of blockchain oracles in gaming.

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Call of Duty is one of the most popular video game franchises in the world, and it is now pioneering the NFT gaming revolution with a new platform that allows players to truly own their digital assets. The platform is powered by Chainlink, a leading blockchain oracle network, and it provides a secure and reliable way for players to trade and exchange NFTs.

The Call of Duty NFT platform allows players to create, buy, and sell NFTs that represent in-game items, such as weapons, skins, and characters. The platform also allows players to use their NFTs to access exclusive content and experiences.

For example, players can use their NFTs to unlock new weapons or skins, or to participate in special events. The platform also allows players to trade their NFTs with other players, or to sell them on the open market.

The Call of Duty NFT platform is a major step forward for the gaming industry, and it is a sign of the growing importance of NFTs in the gaming world. The platform provides players with a secure and reliable way to trade and exchange NFTs, and it opens up new possibilities for in-game monetization.

Call of Duty’s new NFT gaming platform takes NFTs further. It offers players an engaging experience that combines normal video games with NFTs.

What makes Call of Duty’s platform different is that it uses Chainlink’s blockchain services. Chainlink provides services and infrastructure for decentralized apps. Their services help NFT games handle technical limits. For example, Chainlink Functions and the Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol let NFT games communicate with data outside the blockchain and with apps on different blockchains.

Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function or VRF makes NFT games fair. VRF provides secure random numbers for many game functions and NFT distributions. This helps stop cheating and fraud.

By working with Chainlink, Call of Duty offers a smooth and secure gaming experience utilizing NFTs. Players fully own their digital items and can buy, sell or trade them on open marketplaces. This creates new ways for players and developers to earn money with P2E games. It will change the gaming industry.

In addition, NFT games allow interoperability. Players can use their NFTs in different games and apps. This enables new cross-game interactions and partnerships. It could create a new ecosystem of NFT gaming experiences.

Call of Duty’s NFT gaming platform signals a new era of gaming. It will be more engaging, immersive and rewarding than before. By using blockchain technology and Chainlink’s Web3 services, Call of Duty is leading the way to true digital ownership.

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77% of retail CFD accounts lose money. Cryptoassets are a highly volatile, unregulated investment product without EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk

Revolutionizing Gaming with NFTs: How Chainlink’s Infrastructure is Changing the Game

According to the post from Chainlink, NFT games offer several key benefits to players and publishers:

Digital Ownership and Scarcity: Players gain sovereign ownership of digital assets just as they would physical goods. They can own, build upon and trade NFTs however they choose, creating a new level of immersion and collectibility previously impossible in gaming. Before NFTs, digital items were ephemeral and uncertain since the servers hosting them could shut down at any time.

Interoperability and Monetization: NFT games built on the same blockchain are interconnected. Players can access open marketplaces to buy, sell and trade their gaming NFTs, with examples including Gods Unchained, Decentraland and Axie Infinity. This enables new ways to fund free-to-play game models beyond micro transactions and subscriptions.

Integrating Blockchain Infrastructure: Developers gain access to blockchain infrastructure to enhance existing games. Chainlink offers end-to-end solutions for NFT smart contracts, connectivity to off-chain APIs, cross-chain interoperability, and verifiable randomness. These building blocks allow faster development of NFT games.

Overcoming Limitations: Chainlink addresses major limitations of early NFT games like the inability of NFT smart contracts to use data outside the blockchain. Chainlink Functions connect smart contracts to any API in minutes.

The Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) will enable communication between blockchains. Chainlink VRF provides secure randomness to blockchains, essential for NFT loot boxes, minting and other gameplay mechanics.

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The Giant Behind Call of Duty: Activision

Activision is a popular video game company that is known for creating the Call of Duty series. It was founded in 1979 and is one of the largest gaming companies in the world. As of 2023, its market capitalization is over $65 billion, making it one of the biggest companies in the gaming industry. They are the publisher behind blockbuster franchises like Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, and Candy Crush. Call of Duty is Activision’s most successful franchise, with over 350 million total players. Through a combination of popular franchises and a huge online platform, Activision dominates the gaming industry.


In conclusion, Call of Duty’s new NFT gaming platform is pioneering the future of gaming. By partnering with Chainlink, Call of Duty has created an innovative experience that allows players to truly own and control their digital assets. The platform provides players with new ways to access exclusive content and connect with other players, opening up an exciting new era of digital ownership and interoperability in gaming. Overall, Call of Duty’s NFT platform is poised to transform the gaming industry and usher in a new generation of interactive experiences.





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77% of retail CFD accounts lose money. Cryptoassets are a highly volatile
unregulated investment product without EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

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77% of retail CFD accounts lose money. Cryptoassets are a highly volatile
unregulated investment product without EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

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